Terms & Conditions


Travelling with Blue Mountains Ancestral Pathways

Your safety and wellbeing is paramount to our operation. We structure, modify and

conduct the tours with these two points in mind. We walk together or within sight of

each other and adjust the pace as required for the comfort and safety of all

participants; please consider this as part of your booking. We treat each trek as

unique and endeavour to provide the best possible experience for each group. We

hold all the necessary permits and fulfil all other requirements to legally operate our



Tour departure

Tours depart promptly at the advertised departure time.

Changes made during tour

Changes to the itinerary do occur in response to weather, campsite and road

conditions, cultural considerations and other factors outside our control. Changes

also take place in response to group needs or just to show you something special at

the time. Changes are made at the discretion of our guides.


Cancellation of tour

Cancellations of tours by the company may happen if minimum numbers are not

reached. A minimum of 30 days notice will be given to you with the option to book

onto another of our tours or to receive a full refund. We reserve the right to cancel a

tour in whole or in part if we deem it necessary to do so due to a force majeure event.

A force majeure event is any event beyond our control and to which we did not

contribute (including but not limited to a civil commotion, natural disaster or force of

nature, act of God or the public enemy, or governmental restraint or restriction),

which renders us unable to carry out the original tour itinerary in whole or in part, and

which cannot be overcome by the exercise of reasonable care, proper precautions

and the consideration of reasonable alternatives. We will not be liable to you in any

way in respect of any such cancellation to the extent that it was deemed necessary

by us due to a force majeure event/such an event.


Be responsible

Blue Mountains Ancestral Pathways feels great responsibility for its groups and the

environmental and cultural landscape we operate in. We do our best to nurture the

needs of each person for the benefit of the whole experience. But it is your

responsibility to be prepared for the physical and mental demands of each tour. We

need your active participation to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the group, and to

consult with us if you have any health/hygiene issues that may affect you or the

group. We adhere to and implement minimal environmental impact approaches to

every tour, and ask for you to consider the cultural requests and values of certain



Assumption of risk.

You acknowledge and accept that you are participating in hiking, trekking and

adventure type activities that have high and inherent risks and dangers. Our tours are

undertaken in remote areas where expert medical aid and limited communications

may mean delays in assistance in the event of injury, accident or death. Adverse

weather conditions may require changes to the trip structure and itinerary and may

affect your personal comfort. Accordingly, you understand that there are inherent

dangers and risks, including risk of injury or death.


Waiver of liability

You further acknowledge and agree that due to the nature of the activities, it would

be unreasonable for Blue Mountains Ancestral Pathways to be in any way

responsible for any injury to or death of yourself and you hereby, to the full extent

permitted by law, waive all of your legal rights of action against us and fully release

and hold us harmless from any claim, demand or liability for any loss, damage,

expense or injury (including death) howsoever arising out of or in relation to your

participation in the activities conducted or organised by us, including without

limitation, liability for any negligent or tortious act or omission, breach of duty, breach

of contract or breach of statutory duty on the part of us, our office holders,

employees, agents or contractors. You further acknowledge and agree that you

undertake the activities freely, voluntarily and absolutely at your own risk and with a

full appreciation of the nature and extent of all risks involved in the activities. This

waiver shall bind you and your heirs, assigns, executors and/or administrators and

legal representatives. In order to preserve your own and other’s safety, if you do not

comply with the booking conditions, act in a way that neglects group safety or wilfully

damages the environment or cultural sites, you may be asked to leave the tour or

refused entry to the tour at your own expense. It is a requirement of Blue Mountains

Ancestral Pathways as a responsible and accredited tour operator to have a set of

booking conditions that form a contract between you our customer and us as the tour

operator. Please read carefully – we have tried to keep it short and to the point.

Please talk to us with any concerns you may have.



Deposit: We require a non refundable deposit equivalent to 50% of the tour fee to

confirm your place on the tour. Your booking deposit is used towards pre-tour

operational and administration costs for your tour. The booking deposit is not

transferable to others.

Final Payment: The balance of money owed will be due 3 days prior to departure. If

payment is not received you will forfeit your deposit and place on the tour. Payment

to be made in Australian Dollars and all prices are inclusive of GST.



Cancellations must be received in writing. Cancellations take effect subject to the


– If cancellation takes place more than 3 days and less than 7 days before your

departure date, 50% of the tour price will be forfeited.

– If cancellation takes place less than 2 days before your departure date, 100% of the

tour price will be forfeited.

In view of the heavy penalties applied to cancelled reservations, Blue Mountains

Ancestral Pathways strongly recommends suitable travel insurance be purchased at

the time the deposit is paid. We recommend insurance cover that covers any loss

which may be suffered due to cancellation.


Transfer of departure date

Our tours are very popular. We will endeavour to transfer your booking to alternative

dates should you request this, but please be aware that this will not always be

possible. Transfers may only be made to another tour to commence within 12 months

of your original departure date and you must notify Blue Mountains Ancestral

Pathways in writing.

Transfers take effect subject to the following:

– If your notice is received more than 7 days prior to your original departure date, a

$50 administration fee will apply and be payable prior to your departure. Please be

aware that you may be liable for any increase in prices of airfares, accommodation or

other operational services.

– If your notice is received less than 2 days before your original departure date, 100%

of your tour price will be forfeited.


Medical Clearance

Due to the physical activity involved with our treks, all guests 69 years of age or over

at the time of their tour will require a medical clearance from a health professional. If

medical clearance is not obtained by your doctor your deposit is fully refundable. Any

cancellation after a successful medical clearance is subject to our standard

cancellation policy.


Travel Insurance.

We recommend that you are insured for the duration of your tour. We strongly

recommend that the policy covers personal liability, cancellation and curtailment and

loss of luggage/personal effects. Coverage for medical expenses including

emergency evacuation is also suggested (international guests).


Health and Fitness.

All tours require a moderate to high level of fitness and a degree of mental stamina.

Being physically prepared is paramount to the experience and to yours and the

group’s safety. If you are not physically prepared you may need to, or may be asked

to miss certain days walking for yours and the group’s wellbeing. Being physically

prepared will ensure you gain maximum involvement and enjoyment on your trek.

Refer to our notes on physical preparation/requirements in your tour notes or talk to

us about being physically prepared. It is vital that you inform us of any medical

conditions that may affect you during your time with us. We need to know so that we

can ensure maximum safety, comfort and enjoyment on your trek. Consult your GP

before your tour if you have any pre existing medical conditions which may affect you

whilst on tour. Please advise us on the Booking Form of any medications you are

taking, medical conditions (ie. allergies etc.) and any previous injuries or operations

you may have or had. It may be a requirement to have your GP sign a medical

clearance form. If taking any medication please make sure you bring adequate

supplies for the duration of the tour.